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Product Quoting Tool

Save time by seamlessly going from quote to proposal with FormFire's Product Quoting Tool.

Instantly View Available Plan Rates

Our Product Quoting Tool is an efficient way Brokers can instantly gather ACA, level-funded and self-funded plan and pricing information from multiple Carriers. Brokers will no longer have to manually enter Group information multiple times into different Carrier sites or toggle between platforms to gather various funded information. Instead, simply plug in basic demographic information for your Group. Our custom proposal generation software will quickly allow you to compare available rates for multiple Carriers side-by-side.

With the Product Quoting Tool, Brokers can instantly create fully editable proposals and add renewing and current plan details. This makes the process of comparing and finding the best product for Groups as efficient as ever.


Covering All Options for Groups

Using FormFire's Product Quoting Tool along with our Medical Health Questionnaire gives Brokers the advantage of quoting the market. It enables their Groups to compare all available options to determine what best meets their needs.

Once a Group has selected a plan, Brokers can use our Census Population technology to gather a legally binding quote. With just a few clicks, Brokers can download, auto-populate, and send Carrier-specific censuses with optimal efficiency.