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Offering health insurance alone is no longer enough for an Employer to attract, recruit and retain top talent for their organization. It also isn’t adequate coverage for today’s diverse workforce comprised of Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z.

Ancillary products provide a viable solution for Brokers and their Groups to help fill the gaps in coverage for multi-generational workforces. And by offering the enhanced benefits Employees want, Employers can create a better workplace culture and avoid the added expenses of turnover.

Seamless Solution for Brokers

Brokers can increase revenue as well as improve client relationships by expanding their offerings and cross-selling insurance to clients.

However, it can be challenging for Brokers to offer ancillary products such as dental and vision, not to mention newer options like pet insurance and identity theft protection. Between stacks of paperwork and gathering quotes from multiple Carriers, it can be hard to think about fitting in additional product offerings.

Because of this, ancillary products often fall by the wayside, despite Brokers knowing they present an opportunity to expand sales with existing prospects. Fortunately, there are tools to help Brokers get around the challenge of pulling in additional quotes and offer their clients these added products with minimal effort.

Brokers can expand sales using FormFire’s streamlined approach to Broker quoting software, allowing them to get more done in less time and making their jobs easier while offering their clients high quality service.

Benefits of Selling Additional Ancillary Products with FormFire

Online Selection

Collecting and sorting through the information a Broker needs for ancillary products can be overwhelming and time consuming. This can be simplified by digitizing the experience, allowing Brokers the ability to display additional products with no extra work.

With the plan selection tool, Brokers can display plans in a shopping-like experience, so when Employees log in they can see prices, product details and SBCs for multiple plans side-by-side. From there, they can pick the plan that best fits their needs.

Time Saving for Better ROI

When Brokers don’t have to worry about how time consuming the process is, it allows them to be on top of offering even more than what employers have asked for, improving their ROI by selling more products. Brokers also look more favorable to their clients by offering something they may not have asked for, but that took the Broker minimal effort to put together.

The good news is that all of these options are available through FormFire. This streamlined approach allows Brokers to get more done in less time, making their jobs easier while offering their clients high quality service.

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