While the open enrollment period gives Groups a set period to make plan selections, qualifying life events (QLEs) aren’t limited to one specific time of the year. As such, these events can make it tricky for Brokers to keep up to date with Employees’ plan changes. Fortunately, technology can help you as a Broker stay informed without extra legwork. FormFire’s health insurance quoting and insurance proposal software makes it easy for your Group members to make key changes after QLEs occur and keep you informed when they do so. Here are some ways that FormFire helps you manage your Groups throughout the year without adding on to your workload.

QLE Notifications

You may not be as involved with your Group outside of open enrollment, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t make changes. A Group member who went through a QLE may not think to notify you, but FormFire can. With our system, you can set up different notifications that inform both you and the Group’s HR representative that someone made a change to his or her plan outside of open enrollment. Instead of relying on an Employee to notify HR about a recent birth, marriage, or divorce, Employees can go directly through our system’s online portal and make those changes themselves. In addition, Employees won't have to fill out new paperwork to add new individuals to their coverage. Through our system, we have many change forms available, and we can load additional change forms into our system if necessary. Once the Employees are done making the necessary updates for their QLE, you and the Group’s HR representative will receive a notification so that these changes won’t come as a surprise.

Automated Pop-ups for QLEs

Sometimes Employees need to make changes for more than just QLEs. Updates like home address or other similar changes shouldn’t give Employees the option to add individuals or make other notable changes to their plans. FormFire’s online portal is designed to detect which updates count as QLEs so that Employees only receive prompts to make major changes when it’s appropriate. When Employees log in to their FormFire portal outside of open enrollment, the system will pull up a screen that asks them why they want to change their benefits. This prompt will include various options, including potential QLEs. If they select one of these QLEs, the system will allow them to change their benefits accordingly. However, if they select a non-QLE option, FormFire will only prompt them to change that detail and not their benefits.

Makes Enrollment for Next Year Easier

While QLE updates happen outside of the open enrollment period, they can complicate what you need to do in the ensuing period. Through FormFire, you can alleviate open enrollment stress by ensuring that you and your Groups stay informed about QLE updates. Let’s face it; Employees aren’t always going to remember to update all their information during future enrollment periods. While QLEs tend to be more memorable than most events, they may not remember to update key details of their benefits plan nine months after the event occurred. If the groups keep their information updated through FormFire, there’s less that everyone will have to remember, which saves both you and them time and frustration. With our system, those details are already updated and you know exactly where your Group members stand. --- It can be tricky to balance the ongoing management of your Groups without the right tools in place.

FormFire is a professional suite of tools that allows you to simplify your process so that you can impress your existing Groups and open up more time to take on additional ones as well. Contact FormFire today to learn more or request a free demo  to try out our technology for yourself.