Brokers for large groups like MEWAs, PEOs, and professional Associations often find it challenging to administer health insurance benefits plans and stay organized. Between a large amount of paperwork, data collection and staying compliant, it’s become increasingly evident that Brokers need a more efficient way to manage group benefits at scale.

FormFire’s complete
Association Health Plan benefit management product suite aims to streamline the association benefits process from quoting to selling to ongoing member management. Association Benefit Manager™ is an end-to-end offering built upon FormFire’s industry-leading technology designed to digitally connect Associations, Chambers, Brokers, Carriers, and the governing board all within one integrated ecosystem. From member management and secure document storage to compliance reporting and ROI analysis, our benefits management software will help you manage the multitude of tasks related to Association Health Plans.

Simplify the Onboarding Process

When you first start working with an Association, the onboarding process can be extremely time-consuming, especially when you factor in the amount of paperwork that’s required. FormFire digitizes the entire Association Health Plan process to eliminate the need for paperwork and streamlines the onboarding process for Association members with our Information Preloader tool. This tool can populate as much or as little of an Association’s information as you like, so members will spend less time manually entering their information.

Keep Members Organized

Associations can be made up of hundreds, if not thousands of members. FormFire’s member management solutions help organize and keep track of everything from life events to documentation. Our documentation repository eliminates the need for paperwork and messy filing cabinets by offering an organized and secure digital storage system for all of your files. FormFire’s Intelligent Business Reports also makes it easy for Association members to make key changes after a qualifying life event and keep you informed without adding to your workload when they do so.

Streamline Product Distribution

FormFire is an attractive feature for Brokers to help market or promote health insurance plans to Associations. Not only does FormFire give you, the Broker, a competitive advantage, but Associations and their members, as well as Carriers, will also all reap the benefits. Our Quoting Engine streamlines the quote-to-sale process, so Brokers can gather quotes from our nationwide network of participating Carriers using basic demographic information. Furthermore, our Open Shelf technology creates a shopping-like experience to make product selection a breeze for Association members.

Provide Underwriting Services and Support

Medical underwriting and compliance can be tricky enough for just one Group, which only multiplies when working with an Association. FormFire’s Association Benefit Manager offers concierge services and a priority support help-line to offer immediate assistance to help you tackle these challenges more efficiently.

Measure ROI

Reporting and analytics tools are a must when working with Associations. FormFire’s comprehensive offerings include an activity dashboard, compliance audits, ad-hoc reporting, and program usage analytics to track member engagement and easily measure ROI.

Learn More About FormFire’s Association Benefit Manager™

Need technology and service solutions to help with a MEWA, PEO, or AHP? FormFire has more Association Health Plan experience than any other vendor in the industry. Whether you manage a new or already-established plan, FormFire’s comprehensive offering has solutions to help you succeed. FormFire helps Brokers increase growth, retention, and revenue by making benefits management faster, easier, and more attractive for Associations and their members. Contact FormFire today to learn more or request a free demo of our Association Benefit Manager™.