Broker creating a thorough helath insurance quote presentation for a small group. Every Broker has a different process for creating quote presentations. Some Brokers prefer to hand-type detailed presentations on custom templates, while others simply use the information they receive from the Carriers. Regardless of the approach, FormFire gives Brokers the tools to create better proposals in less time. The main purpose of FormFire is to provide a suite of professional solutions that help Brokers quote, sell and maintain small group health insurance. FormFire’s Quote Engine gives Brokers a way to speed up the process of creating proposals and presentations.

How FormFire's Quote Engine Works

It takes a lot of legwork and organization to put a thorough presentation together. FormFire Quote is a part of our fully-insured health insurance quoting and proposal software that makes it quicker and easier to populate proposals. Once Brokers add their groups to FormFire Quote, they’ll be able to find an extensive listing of Carriers and plans that they can choose to get rate estimates for their proposals. While manually sifting through every Carrier and plan can be time-consuming and tedious, FormFire Quote gives Brokers the ability to narrow down selections based on specific criteria. These filters include:

  • Carrier

  • Price minimum or maximum

  • Product type

  • Deductible

  • Coinsurance

  • Out-of-pocket max

Each of these filters allow Brokers to strategically pick products that will be a good fit for each individual group. In addition, all the plans in FormFire Quote are updated along with Carrier partners’ filings and changes. If they change their plans, FormFire Quote mirrors those changes. In addition to allowing Brokers to quickly find and select plans for their presentations, FormFire Quote populates a fully-editable Excel spreadsheet with the selected information. Once a Broker selects their plans, FormFire can automatically add these fully-insured products to their proposal, and leave them space to add any additional products as needed. It’s not uncommon for Brokers to hand-type proposals for every new group. By populating the information for any fully-insured product and giving them a space to add in other plan options in a pre-made template, FormFire Quote can help Brokers save hours of time. This allows them to focus on creating thorough presentations for every group without having to limit the number of plans included in each proposal.

Streamline the Presentation Process with FormFire

Creating quote presentations doesn’t have to be time-consuming. With FormFire, you have the ability to streamline your proposal process so that you can include a better selection of products without sacrificing your ability to take on additional groups. Request a demo of our software today to see how the FormFire system can eliminate the hassle of quoting and selling group benefits.