The benefits enrollment process traditionally involves paper forms, but ongoing advancements in technology have given Brokers the means to improve the process for everyone involved.

As a Broker, health insurance quoting and proposal software can help you make the switch to online enrollment, which can save you time and set you apart from your competitors. Here are a few reasons why online enrollment is the way to go.

It Creates a Streamlined Enrollment Process


Traditional enrollment calls for a lot of paperwork. Online technology gives you and your Groups online access to information collection and plan selection, which saves a lot of trees and stress in the process. Paperwork is everywhere when you use traditional means. Every Carrier has its own form, which forces Employees to repeatedly fill out the same personal information and medical histories. Multiply that aggravating process by the number of Employees in a group and you have a lot of potential for problems. With online enrollment software, you cut out the paperwork and simplify the process for your Groups. For example, FormFire streamlines the data entry process by taking the legwork out of the Employees hands without putting it all on your shoulders as the Broker.

Online technology allows you to pre-populate Employee information provided by the Employer through an Information Preloader. Employees can then use an online portal to provide private medical information and make their enrollment selections. The system will map out their medical information to the corresponding Carrier forms so that neither you nor the Employee have to do it manually.

It Reduces Information Errors


Let’s face it; mistakes happen. Unfortunately, mistakes or missing information on medical information forms can create lengthy delays and force Group members to redo forms. Fortunately, technology can help limit the number of mistakes made and save everyone a lot of time and frustration. The right online enrollment software can identify missing or incorrect information before it becomes an issue.

FormFire conducts an automatic error check during data collection to catch any mistakes before any information is submitted to the Carriers. These instances of missing or incorrect information is flagged so that you can review the problem and either provide the correct information or inform the employee that he or she needs to fix only the answer in question. In addition, online enrollment technology can also update you if any Group members fall behind and needs to complete their selections. In this case, you can set up notifications to remind them before their deadline, whereas you’d have to manually check every form for issues if you were using traditional enrollment methods.

It Provides Security without Logistical Restrictions


Whether you’re dealing with a less-tech savvy Group or people who are up-to-date on the latest technology, security is always a major concern. Some Groups may see the use of paper files as a way to prevent people from accessing their information, but online enrollment can be a secure option for all your files without restricting user access to a single location. Of course, the key is making sure that your online enrollment software of choice is dedicated to online security. A good online enrollment software will proudly share how it protects user information. For example, FormFire has full end-to-end encryption, geographically distinct SAS-70 Type II compliant data centers, third-party security auditing, and penetration testing, and other rigorous security measures. That dedication is a big reason why FormFire is HIPAA and HITECH compliant and HITRUST certified, and why you and your Groups can feel secure with online enrollment.

It Saves Everyone Work in the Future


A major difference between online enrollment and manual paperwork is that paperwork needs to be redone each year, regardless of if any necessary information has changed in that time. With online enrollment software, any information provided is securely stored in the system and can be reused when submitting data to any Carriers for future enrollment periods. This means Group members won’t need to resubmit any forms or provide any data unless something needs to be updated.

It Combines Convenience with Professionalism


Not only does online health insurance quoting and proposal software save you time as you manage your Groups, it also gives you the competitive advantage you need to stand out from other Brokers. FormFire’s set of professional tools help you streamline the group benefits process from start to finish, which frees you up to work with more Groups while impressing the ones you already have.

Ready to make the switch to online technology? Contact FormFire today to learn more or request a free demo to check out our system for yourself.