Image of a Broker communicating with his clients via phone

When it comes to health insurance, consumers have more choices than ever. That’s why Carriers need to effectively communicate their products and services to their Brokers and Groups. But how? Many Carriers are wondering:

  • Is there a better way to build relationships with Brokers?

  • How do we market our ancillary products to the right Groups?

  • Can we simplify communication during the enrollment process?

Improving these connections with your partners can help grow your business. So, we’ve put together a list of trends and ideas to help you communicate more effectively.


Personalized Messaging

By offering personalized messaging during the quoting and enrollment process, Carriers can promote products and build relationships with Brokers.

FormFire offers customized in-app messaging to Brokers using our software. Want to get a message out to Brokers in a specific state? Call attention to a new benefit? With our personalized messaging options, Carriers can seamlessly share information, answer questions or communicate about exciting new products—all during critical points in the quoting or enrollment process.


Promote the Right Ancillary Benefits

The benefits world is changing fast. That’s why more Groups are expanding their benefits packages. This includes everything from life insurance to fertility benefits. With so much recent unpredictability, Employees find value in having additional coverage for anything life throws their way.

Now Carriers can use data and technology to promote their ancillary products to the right groups. FormFire’s software platform allows Brokers and Carriers to compile reports and analyze Group health information. Once you understand which Groups are the best fit for your products, communicate this information to Brokers to win more of the business you want.


Improving Digital Communications

Most health insurance Carriers want an easy-to-use online enrollment experience. That means an investment in communication and technology.

FormFire has a proven track record of helping Carriers connect with Brokers and Groups. Our innovative quote-to-close technology allows for faster quoting, streamlined enrollment and an improved user experience. Want to share your entire product portfolio with Brokers? Collect and analyze risk data electronically? Carriers can provide their Brokers partners with access to our system and help digitize their front-end business communications.


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