Broker checking the time while quoting small groups for health insurance. A long quoting process isn’t going to help Brokers take on more Groups. A fast, efficient quoting process not only helps Brokers earn more business, it also alleviates the workload for employees, which ends up making a good Broker look even better. Of course, the key to this scenario becoming reality is finding a way to speed up the quoting process. Here are some ways that Brokers can quote more groups, faster through time-management tips and technology.

Eliminate Work Inefficiencies

Even small distractions can add up to a lot of wasted time throughout the course of a year. Fortunately, these three time-management tips can help Brokers make minor adjustment that can pay off with more efficient work habits. Stop Task Switching Juggling several tasks at once can cause Brokers to spend more time on each one than necessary. Going from quoting to answering emails to filling out paperwork and back again can results in huge inefficiencies.

Bouncing back and forth between tasks like this forces a person to shift their thinking and take some time to get back into the flow of a task. By focusing one a single task at a time, Brokers can focus on each job from start to completion without interruption. Schedule Time Specifically for Quoting Time blocks are a great way to focus on a task and make sure it gets done. Various meetings and other interruptions can get in the way of fast, efficient quoting.

By scheduling a block of time on the calendar specifically for quoting-related tasks, Brokers can help eliminate distractions that would lead to task-switching and other issues that sap productivity. Don’t Get Derailed by Email According to Forbes, “the average employee checks his or her email 36 times a day.” It may not seem like much, but those email interactions add up over time, especially when it interrupts someone’s work flow. If possible, closing out of email and blocking out incoming messages can help Brokers focus on quoting until those tasks are done. After that, a Broker can check his or her email and address those in one efficient session.

Use Time-Saving Software for Brokers

While time management tips can help Brokers save time, an investment in the right health insurance quoting and proposal software can be an even more important way to alleviate their workload and expedite the quoting process. FormFire is designed to eliminate the hassle of quoting and selling group benefits, which allows Brokers to do their job more efficiently. Here are some features that make this possible.

Information Preloader
Data collection can take a lot of time, especially if you’re dependent Employees to provide you with their information. FormFire’s Information Preloader eliminates the waiting game by giving you the means to populate as much or as little group information as you need, not including medical information. The Information Preloader provides Brokers with a simple Excel spreadsheet that can be preloaded with basic group information that can be provided by an Employer, such as street addresses and other basic data. This data goes through an error check to identify duplicated and invalid data so that the information is correct and ready for when employees are ready to log into their account.

Quote Engine
Instant rate estimates for fully-insured plans are one way to speed up the quoting process. FormFire’s Quote Engine allows Brokers to use basic demographic information to gather street quotes for their groups. Manually typing information in on each Carrier website to gather rates is time-consuming and tedious. Quote Engine eliminates this issue by providing estimates with some demographic info and a few clicks of a button.

Form Mapping and Error Check
Quotes that require medical information can also take a lot of time if employees are required to fill out forms from multiple Carriers. FormFire’s Form Mapping technology creates a streamlined approach to data collection that saves time for both the Brokers and the employees. Form Mapping takes the medical information provided by employees during an Intelligent Employee Interview and automatically populates those answers to the various Carrier forms required to get quotes.

Since each Carrier often uses different forms, Form Mapping saves time by saving Brokers from manually populating each form. In addition, FormFire’s Error Check identifies any missing or incorrect data so that those answers can be addressed before the forms are submitted. Not only does this mean that Brokers won’t have to manually scrub each employee’s application, it also prevents them from accidentally submitting a form with inaccurate information.

Invest in Technology Designed for Brokers

Time is money. With FormFire, you can speed up your quoting process so that you can impress your groups and take on even more work. Request a demo of our software today to see how FormFire makes quoting faster and easier for yourself.