Online data collection can be a tremendous time saver for both Brokers and their Groups, but a bad first impression can result in Employers and Employees longing for a more traditional approach. If you’re a Broker making the switch to online insurance enrollment technology, it’s important to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible to keep your Groups happy and make everyone’s jobs a little easier. Here are some tips to make sure your transition from paper goes well for you and your Groups.

Lighten the Load

One way to make the switch from paper to online is to simplify the data collection process. Make sure that Employers and their Employees know how much an online benefits management platform lessens the workload for everyone involved. With paper data collection, employees usually fill out a form for every Carrier. With FormFire insurance enrollment software, Employees only have to fill out one application online that can be mapped to match multiple Carrier forms. In addition, the information they provide stays in the system year over year, whereas they’d have to refill out paper forms in the past. This saves Employees time and makes following years a matter of updating data when necessary.

Preload Information

Some Groups are more proficient with online software than others. To simplify the process for the less technically-inclined employees, FormFire offers an Information Preloader where nearly every piece of information can be added into the system ahead of time. This information can be provided by Employers, which can then be loaded into the system by a Broker. In turn, the only data that Employees need to provide are their medical histories and specific plan selections, which can ease the transition process for group members and the people trying to track down their information.

Highlight Security

A major hang-up for Group members transitioning from paper data collection to an online process is security. These fears can create issues when it comes time for data collection, so it’s important to dispel any fears and educate your Groups about the security measures that keep their data safe. One major concern that Employees have is that information entered online could be found and sold by outside parties. Assure any worried Employers and Employees that FormFire does not sell people’s information and that it’s subject to rigorous privacy and security requirements. In addition, FormFire is HIPAA and HITECH compliant and HITRUST certified, which means that the only people who will ever access personal data are the Employee, the Broker, and the Carrier.

Have Support Available

A good support system is a big help toward making to transition from paper to online quick and easy. Make sure that groups know that there are always options for help. They can always turn to you, the Employer, or a FormFire on-staff support person for people who call in for help, which can help everyone avoid unnecessary delays or frustrations. If employees are having trouble submitting information, one big way that you can support them is by assisting them in person. By going to a Group’s business, setting up in a room, and individually meeting with Group members, you can offer them assistance while expediting the data collection process. It also makes these Group members more likely to remember their Broker and return to you for future years.

Prepare Them Well in Advance

Employees shouldn’t find out about a new data collection process at the last minute. It’s important to empower Employers with resources to educate their Employees about the switch to a new technology ahead of time so that they can digest the information and have time to be prepared for the new process. The first year of the transition involves the most work, so plenty of notice can help Employees be ready for any bumps while they realize how much better online data collection is for them.

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