Health insurance software platforms are continuously making the Group Benefits process easier for Brokers to improve the customer experience. From quoting and enrollment to ongoing client management, technology continues to seep into every aspect of the job. As you evaluate your software options, take into account what CMS Wire says today’s insurance consumers are looking for:

  • Cross-channel personalized experiences

  • Seamless, consistent, connected journey

  • Data accuracy, protection and privacy

  • Choices in buying—where, when, how and who

  • Interaction where, when and how they want

  • Real-time interactions and responses

Here are the software essentials every insurance Broker needs to have to meet these requirements.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationships are quintessential to a Broker’s business. Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms can help build those relationships in every interaction. Simply put, a CRM helps manage customer data that includes everything from a client’s name, birthday, medical history, location and preferred method of communication to where the client is at in the Group Benefits process. This data can then be leveraged to improve business relationships with clients for better retention and sales growth. Brokers can utilize CRM tools to, for example, be alerted when it’s time for a Group to renew their benefits.

Email Automation

Email automation platforms can help automate the process of managing customer relationships. Email automation platforms can be customized to send out emails addressing important dates like open enrollment deadlines or plan details. These platforms can also be used to create newsletters to help Brokers stay in front of current customers or for nurture campaigns to help win prospective business.

Real-Time Quoting Engine

In a world of instant gratification, manually pulling quotes from multiple Carriers for every Group and prospect will no longer suffice. Real-time insurance quoting software allows Brokers to immediately get quotes from multiple Carriers using basic demographic information. This can help Brokers present more options to Groups, reduce time and stress and gain the edge needed to compete in today’s marketplace.

Proposal Builder

Proposals are a critical aspect in securing a client’s business. Custom, branded proposals can help give Brokers the personalized, professional look needed to meet client expectations. The process of translating quotes onto proposals, however, can be time-consuming, especially come busy season. Proposal software can help automate the task of producing client-ready proposal documents instantly.

Document Management System (DMS)

From proposals to medical health questionnaire, it’s important to have a secure and compliant place to store your sensitive client documents. The manual method of paper-based documentation falls short of what Brokers need to securely and effectively manage these records by eating up storage space and making the task of retrieving documents a time-consuming task.  A document management software system can digitally track, manage and store these documents in one secure location. For health insurance Brokers, ensure your DMS is both HIPAA- and HITRUST-complaint.

Customer Service Tools

In today’s digital age, 24/7 communication isn’t just a “nice to have;” it’s a must-have for Brokers in the health insurance business. According to the American Agents Alliance, “The faster you follow up, the better your initial connection with that customer.” Customer service tools like SMS text messaging, live chat and automated chatbots can help provide more streamlined communication beyond email and phone calls to better meet clients’ needs.

All-in-One Health Insurance Platform

A comprehensive insurance software can allow Brokers to provide a seamless, connected journey throughout the Group benefits process. FormFire’s all-in-one digital software platform has all of the tools and capabilities, including a real-time quote engine and proposal builder, needed to gather quotes, manage clients and run a successful business. When you partner with us, you’ll benefit from quicker, easier and more attractive benefits management and security you can trust. Contact FormFire today to learn more or request a free demo.