How FormFire Works for You
Learn why FormFire is the ideal solution for insurance brokers

Simplify Your Broker Experience

Set up a New Group

The broker adds a group through his or her company portal.
With little more than the group’s name and contact info, add your group or prospect through your private portal. If the group decides to enroll using FormFire, you can configure specific options later.

Enter the Group’s Census Info

Upload a census or enter each employee’s DOB, marital status and coverage level


With only basic census info, you can quote any of your groups or prospects even if they don’t yet have an account. Simply

Configure your Group

Configure any specific requirements for your group to complete their enrollment. At this time you can decide which products you’d like to offer as well as what contribution type to use.

Welcome your Group to your Private Marketplace

When ready, FormFire will send out customized welcome letters to the designated HR contact and employees inviting them to your Agency’s private Marketplace.

Monitor Group Progress

Throughout the enrollment period, you’ll have full insight into entire process, including which employees have completed or are still making selections. You can even send out reminder emails. Of course FormFire’s Support Staff will be there to help them through the enrollment the whole way.

Enroll the Group

Where available, FormFire can submit enrollment data electronically to the carriers. For those that aren’t yet ready to accept a direct feed, we can provide a report of all selections, including costs for each employee

A Unique Set of Features

FormFire brings the tools to improve your conversion rates.

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