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The FormFire Platform

We know you have important work to do. That's why FormFire created a comprehensive quote-to-close software solution for Brokers. Our platform streamlines the effort involved in the benefits enrollment process, saving you time and giving you the tools to retain and attract new Clients.


Product Quote 

Save time by seamlessly going from quote to proposal with FormFire’s Product Quoting Tool.

Medical Health Questionnaire

FormFire’s Medical Health Questionnaire (MHQ) makes collecting personal information and health history quicker for Employees and eliminates time-consuming scrubbing for Brokers.

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Plan Selection Tool

Using our online marketplace tool, Employees can select from their available plans during open enrollment and make qualifying changes outside of open enrollment.

Group Plan Assign

FormFire’s Group Plan Assign tool saves time by allowing Brokers to bulk-assign plan elections for Employers and Employees.

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Sending Forms

With our advanced Data Sending software, Broker’s can seamlessly gather and submit Employee forms and censuses to Carriers directly through the FormFire platform.

Census Population

FormFire gives Health Insurance Brokers the ability to populate a Carrier-specific census with just the click of the button.

Let FormFire Help!

We have compiled an array of resources to help make it easy to understand FormFire's Technology and to provide helpful resources as an industry expert. 

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