Broker in front of an organized filing system.

From producing quotes to keeping track of forms, health insurance Brokers have a lot to juggle come busy season. Not having the right tools or technology can make it challenging to stay organized, especially when paper forms are being passed back and forth and multiple technology systems are in place. To help, we provided three tips to help Brokers stay organized during open enrollment using FormFire.

1. Switch from Paper Applications to a Digital Repository

The average Broker can manage many different Groups, representing hundreds, if not thousands of members. FormFire’s all-in-one digital platform helps organize and keep track of everything from life events to documentation. Our document center eliminates the need for paperwork and messy filing cabinets by offering an organized and secure digital storage system for all of your files.

2. Gather Quotes From Multiple Carriers Using a Single Source

Pulling quotes from multiple Carriers for each Employer—and keeping track of that information—can become difficult for Brokers managing a large portfolio of Small Groups. To stay organized, FormFire’s Quote Engine tool allows Brokers to access multiple Carriers at once. The tool works by gathering quotes from Carriers using just one source of basic info. This means that once the census data is collected, quotes can be pulled from all applicable Carriers.

3. Use One Medical Health Questionnaire for All Carrier Forms

When Employees have to fill out medical health questionnaires from multiple Carriers, keeping track of all of those forms can pose some challenges for Brokers, even with a digital system in place. That’s where FormFire gives Brokers a competitive edge. With our unique Medical Health Questionnaire (MHQ), Employees only have to answer one set of questions, rather than overlapping questions for each Carrier’s form, and then automatically populates those answers onto Carrier forms using Form Mapping technology.

Stay Organized with FormFire

FormFire offers Brokers a professional set of tools that streamlines the Group benefits process from start to finish. Our all-in-one software offers a simplified benefits experience that can help Brokers stay organized and manage open enrollment more efficiently. Ready to see for yourself? Contact FormFire today if you have any questions or would like to request a demo.