In a world of instant gratification, it’s never been more critical for Brokers to be able to immediately pull health insurance quotes. Long gone are the days of manually pulling quotes from multiple Carriers for every Group and prospect. Today’s savvy Broker is leveraging the power of real-time insurance quoting software to get instant quotes from multiple Carriers. Here are some of the benefits of real-time quoting.

Gain a Competitive Edge

There’s no denying how time-consuming it can be to pull rates from multiple Carriers. As a Broker, it can be challenging to meet demands in a competitive benefits marketplace. When Groups reach out and you can’t provide multiple quotes immediately, they’ll likely find another Broker who can. Automating the upload of plan details and rates through real-time quoting software will increase your speed to market and allow you to quote more efficiently as new rates become available. This will give you the competitive edge needed to quote more business, retain clients, and attract new ones.

Present More Carrier Choices to Groups

Between ACA plans, self-funded plans, partially self-funded plans and level-funded plans, Employers have many options for health insurance available to them. They’ll want a clear, full picture of what those options are. When you’re manually entering Group information into several Carrier sites, have you ever forgone quoting additional Carriers and plan options for the sake of time? It’s a common bad habit among Brokers, especially during busy season. By using real-time quoting software, there’s no need to sacrifice the number of choices for time. Instead, you’ll only need to enter basic demographic information once to instantly receive a comprehensive list of quotes from all applicable Carriers and plans, which can then easily be added to a client proposal. This will allow your clients to see for themselves which health insurance solution is best for their Group.

Reduce Time and Stress

Quoting season is always a busy and stressful time of year for Brokers. It’s time-consuming having to manually pull quotes from multiple Carriers for each Employer and keep track of that information. Not to mention, those instances where a Group needs to update their data, forcing you to revert your quoting process back to square one. With real-time quoting software, there are no drawn-out or repeat processes. By simply collecting basic Census data, you can instantly pull quotes and plan details with just a few clicks. What will really save a headache is that Brokers can also pull details from any Carrier, for any plan into the same work session, which offers a side-by-side comparison with what a Group already has.

Prepare for Open Enrollment

As you prepare for open enrollment, real-time health insurance quoting software like FormFire can help Brokers ensure that clients are well-positioned for open enrollment. Our Quote Engine tool streamlines the quoting process, while providing a shopping-like experience to make comparing and selecting health plans easier than ever.Contact FormFire today if you would like to request a demo or learn more about our product solutions.