For Employers, spending less time managing their group benefits means spending more time focusing on the core of their business – people.

Say Goodbye to Paper

FormFire’s platform collects all Employer and employee data electronically, meaning less paperwork, and more accurate data transferred to the Carrier.

  • Medical Assessment Engine – Rather than listing dozens of overlapping questions and hundreds of medical questions, FormFire’s questionnaire walks through a series of specific medical questions that are necessary.
  • Industry Leading E-Signature – Prior to signing, an Employee’s data goes through a customized error check. Once all information is complete, electronic signature saves time to get a quicker and more accurate quote.

The easiest benefits shopping experience around

Forget comparing multiple complex documents. Employers view a complete shopping experience with side-by-side plan comparisons and employer contribution calculator.

  • All Brokers need is basic demographic information to populate a side-by-side quote comparison for an Employer
  • Fits a variety of product and funding designs, including Defined Contribution, Traditional, Self-Funded, and Community Rated.

Security You Can Trust

Collecting employee medical information requires a lot of care to ensure collection and storage practices are compliant and secure. FormFire offers a compliant way to populate Carrier forms for groups that ensures the security of Employer groups’ data is unparalleled.

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