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For years, the health insurance industry has been making advances toward a more digital environment. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated these efforts as many Brokers who were still using paper-based systems quickly needed to digitize their business.

When it comes to implementing new technologies and ramping up the digitization process, Brokers need to look beyond short-term solutions and consider extended plans. Here are five tips to digitize Brokers’ businesses, both to fast-track the process and prepare for long-term success.

Prepare Your Groups Ahead of Time

As you prepare to make the transition from paper to digital for your Agency, be sure to prepare your Groups as well. To ensure a smooth onboarding process, your Groups shouldn’t find out about a new data collection and enrollment process at the last minute. It’s important to empower Employers with resources to educate their Employees about the switch to a new technology ahead of time, so they can digest the information and have time to prepare for the new process. While digital solutions like FormFire’s Broker quoting software are proven to be more efficient than paper-based methods, the first year of any digital transformation typically involves the most work. Plenty of notice can help Groups be ready for any bumps and more readily embrace the new technology.

Preload Group Information

FormFire offers an Information Preloader where many pieces of information can be added into the system ahead of time. This information is provided by the Employer, and then loaded into the system by the Broker. In turn, the only data that Employees need to provide is their medical history or specific plan selections, which can speed up the transition process for Group members trying to track down their information.

Simplify the Data Collection Process

The switch from paper to an online small group benefits software simplifies the data collection process and lessens the workload for everyone involved. With paper data collection, Employees usually fill out an application for every Carrier, but with FormFire's Intelligent Employee Interview, Employees only have to fill out one application online that can then be mapped to match multiple Carrier applications. In addition, the information they provide stays in the system year over year, eliminating the need to fill out new paper applications each year. This saves Employees time and makes subsequent years a matter of updating their information when necessary.

Highlight Security

Part of the resistance to digitize the benefits process is privacy concerns. It’s important to dispel any fears and educate your Groups about the security measures that keep their data safe. When making the switch to becoming a digital insurance Broker, take the time to inquire about our software’s privacy and security requirements. FormFire is HIPAA and HITECH compliant and HITRUST certified, meaning Employee data will never be shared with any unauthorized entities or individuals.

Have a Strong Support Team

A good support system is a big help toward making the transition from paper to online quick and easy. To avoid any unnecessary delays or frustrations, make sure that you have options to turn to for help. FormFire’s Client Services team not only supports the Broker in leveraging the software, but the Employer and Employees as well. Additionally, if Employees are having trouble making elections digitally, Brokers have the ability to assign the health plan to Employees who need assistance or aren’t waiving coverage.

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