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In the ever-changing digital world, finding the right health insurance quoting software can be challenging. FormFire’s all-in-one platform streamlines the process of collecting Employee data for Small Group health insurance. From quoting software to data management, you will have access to all the tools needed to enroll Groups throughout the year for increased efficiency and profitability.

FormFire is a proven innovator and partner of choice for many Carriers looking to digitize information for quoting and sale installation processing, eliminating manual input time and labor costs while reducing risk of error by using the platform. Here’s how FormFire streamlines the Group benefits process from start to finish:

Data Collection and Cost Reduction 

Leave behind the manual process of data input, tracking down missing data and correcting errors. With FormFire, there’s no more costly manual entry and processing of PDF or paper forms. Accurate and complete employee data can be merged directly into a Carrier CRM, speeding up the process and allowing Carriers to get in front of Groups fast and effectively. By removing manual input, labor costs will be significantly decreased.

Streamlined Medical Underwriting Process

Medical underwriting can be a long and tedious process, especially when relying on manual methods for gathering and inputting data. It’s important to not only ensure that the medical health questionnaire software you rely on collects the needed data, but that it also can segment that information in a way that helps speed up the overall process.

FormFire’s Medical Health Questionnaire (MHQ) walks through a series of questions, collecting details as necessary. An Auto Error Check verifies that the information on the form is accurate and completed every step of the way.

Once complete, FormFire will automatically populate the data onto your specific form or census. Based on answers from the MHQ, FormFire can automate risk profiling or sort Groups into various underwriting workflows specific to their risk profile.

Increased Product Sales 

As a Carrier, you know how challenging it can be for your level-funded health plans to compete with community-rated, fully-insured ACA products. It’s crucial to ensure that Brokers are effectively promoting your products to the right Employer Groups with the right presentation that puts your products top-of-mind.

FormFire’s insurance Carrier software enables Brokers to showcase your level-funded and self-funded products in an elegant interface that’s understandable to the everyday consumer. This not only provides Brokers with quick delivery of quotes, but also gives Groups a more accurate (and often lower) estimate compared to community-rated products, so you stand out among the competition.

Reduced Risks

Collecting employee medical information requires a lot of care to ensure collection and storage practices are compliant and secure. FormFire offers a compliant way to populate Carrier forms for Groups that ensures the security of Group data is unparalleled.

By streamlining the process and eliminating manual data entry and forms processing, the risk of human error is removed. Interested in learning more?

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