Broker partners with health insurance automation software.

Automation technology has become a staple for making processes easier in everyday life. From refrigerators that will notify you when a carton of milk is about to expire to cars that can drive all on their own, it’s no surprise that the insurance industry is becoming increasingly automated, as well. For health insurance Brokers, automating your business process can help increase efficiency and reduce error, while giving you a competitive advantage. Here are five ways Brokers can automate their health insurance business.


Pulling rates from multiple Carriers can be very time consuming for Brokers. Using basic demographic info, automation software can help streamline the quoting process. Whether it’s health insurance, dental, vision or other ancillary benefits, Brokers can instantly gather quotes from multiple Carriers using an automated Quote Engine tool. Brokers can even narrow the list by state, making the process of pulling quotes for small Groups quicker than ever.


If you thought insurance automation was limited to quoting, think again. After quotes are generated, Brokers can also automate the quote-to-proposal process. Automation software can allow Brokers to instantly produce custom branded proposals in seconds directly from the Quote module to deliver and present them to clients. By instantly populating quotes onto proposal sheets, Brokers can be ready to present to Groups in seconds, not days.

Auto Fill

The right automation solution should reduce the amount of labor for both Brokers and their clients. As a Broker, you need Employers and their employees to complete health insurance forms. Except filling out forms is time-consuming and not all that enjoyable. Insurance automation software with an auto-fill feature can help streamline the process of completing health insurance forms by pre-loading information online. Auto-fill features can also help ensure information is complete and accurate.

Error Check

Brokers know all too well how easy it can be for clients to make a mistake on a health insurance form. Not only does that add to your workload, having to scan each document with a meticulous eye, but it also wastes time having to go back and collect the correct information. Before signing, insurance automation software can conduct a customized error check to catch any missing or incorrect information, saving time and eliminating the number of frustrated phone calls back and forth with clients.

Task Management

There’s a lot of moving parts when it comes to the health insurance workflow. With an automated process in place, Brokers can ensure processes are being followed and nothing slips through the cracks. Insurance automation software can eliminate situations where documents are misplaced or tasks are forgotten. For example, Intelligent Business Reports can allow Brokers to see which Groups are coming up for renewal and which Employees are complete or updating forms. This automation software can assign tasks, and send reminders of due dates and deadlines, so none of your clients miss an opportunity during open enrollment.

Health Insurance Automation Software

Successful Brokers understand the importance of time management. Especially during busy season, you don’t want to be bogged down by redundant tasks, paperwork and time-consuming projects.

FormFire is an all-in-one digital software platform that automates the health insurance process for Brokers. With FormFire, Brokers can gain a competitive edge by quickly providing numerous quotes in a polished, shopping-like experience and can streamline the onboarding and enrollment process for clients. Contact FormFire today to learn more or request a free demo.