The health insurance business is about building and maintaining relationships. That starts with good marketing. When developing your marketing plan, you’ll need to find new and creative ways to market your services. Below, we’ve listed several marketing ideas to better engage with your target audience.

Create Customized Landing Pages to Attract Clients

In a competitive benefits marketplace, it’s important for Brokers to find ways to stand out. Branded Broker landing pages allow you to add a custom message, display pictures, provide contact information and even include a video greeting. Having a customized landing page can help clients better find you in search engines and learn about your specific business and offerings. You can also promote your landing page with digital advertising for even greater exposure.

Leverage Content to Show Value

Along with a customized landing page, you’ll want to leverage other types of content to engage with Groups throughout the sales funnel. Blog posts, eBooks, whitepapers and guides can be used to show employers the value you can bring to their Group. For example, you can provide your existing clients with a terminology guide to help them understand basic terms used within the health insurance industry or share a blog post with prospective clients explaining how software technology can help improve their bottom line.

Build Up Your Social Media Presence to Engage Your Audience

As you look for ways to leverage content, you might consider repurposing it for social media to connect and engage with your target audience. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter can serve as great outlets to share knowledge, showcase offerings, and demonstrate the value you can bring to clients. Follow and engage with industry leaders on these platforms to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, provide thought leadership and expand your reach. Additionally, be sure to share blog posts and news articles that highlight topics, such as upcoming changes to health plans, health insurance trends and the benefits of health insurance technology.

Use Email to Stay in Front of Clients

In addition to social media, email is another way to get in front of clients. As you build up your client base, you’ll need to find ways to stay top-of-mind, and email can be a great tool to nurture and retain clients. Send emails to clients to keep them up-to-date on the latest trends, cross-sell insurance to meet their evolving needs and remind them when it’s time to renew their plan.

Produce Branded Proposals to Personalize Messaging

Presentation is an important aspect of marketing. When you present quotes to Groups, you’ll want to reconsider your proposal. Custom, branded proposal documents can offer a personalized touch that will impress your clients. In addition to plan options, pricing, and summaries, adding your agency logo, color scheme and contact details can provide the combination of professionalism and personalization needed to attract clients.

Leverage Insurance Technology for Marketing Automation

While you may find more time to dedicate to marketing when business is slower, you won’t want to put your efforts on the back burner come busy season. As you put together your Broker marketing plan, you’ll want to find ways to automate tasks like building proposals and emailing clients. FormFire’s all-in-one digital software platform can automate marketing efforts for Brokers. In addition to FormFire’s Proposal Master tool and Intelligent Business Reports that can automate the tasks listed above, FormFire helps provide the value Brokers need to market to clients. Whether it’s by covering the latest health insurance news and trends on our blog or saving your clients time with our Information Preloader, FormFire can help you better meet your business and marketing goals. Contact FormFire today to learn more or request a free demo.