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5 Ways Brokers Can Automate Their Health Insurance Business

Automation technology has become a staple for making processes easier in everyday life. From refrigerators that will notify you when a carton of milk is about to expire to cars that can drive all on their own, it’s no surprise that the insurance industry is becoming increasingly automated, as well. For health insurance Brokers, automating Read More

How Carriers Can Evaluate Medical Health Questionnaire Software

Forms are dead. It’s a bold statement, but when you’re a Carrier working with a medical health questionnaire software, you understand that it’s about more than just the form. Collecting the right information can be difficult, medical underwriting has its redundancies and risk assessment is time-consuming. Needless to say, the traditional health questionnaire process is Read More

How Insurance Quote Engine Software Can Improve Customer Experience

Let’s face it: Within the health insurance industry, it can be challenging to provide great customer experiences. Customer experience refers to how customers engage with your brand through every stage of the customer journey, from quoting to enrollment to ongoing management. According to a Zywave whitepaper, nearly one in four Employers are unsatisfied with their Read More

The evolving field of tech

This article was originally posted on by Crain Content Studio.  For every dollar spent on a coding position, there is a two-fold spend on customer-interfacing jobs at Cleveland-based FormFire. The positions range from product strategist, IT operations and user interface designer, to the newer and increasingly relevant role of the customer success associate. The Read More

How to Be a Broker That Clients Never Want to Leave

As a health insurance Broker, client retention is an important, if not the most important, aspect of your business. From a cost perspective, retaining clients is five times cheaper than acquiring new ones, according to an Invesp survey. In order to retain clients, you need to provide consistent value and positive experiences to the Groups you Read More