Broker utilizing FormFire to save time this enrollment season.

As a health insurance Broker, you know preparation for open enrollment starts early. From reviewing new healthcare legislation to familiarizing yourself with different Carrier plan adjustments, the only way to guarantee a smooth enrollment season is to start early, work quickly and most importantly, work efficiently.

We’ve pulled together some tips to help simplify your open enrollment season and tie up any loose ends with your Small Groups before the end of the year.

Review Changes in Healthcare

As you prepare for open enrollment, you will want to educate yourself on any policy, plan, or rate changes that may have occurred since the last open enrollment. Your Small Groups rely on you to educate and inform them on:

  • Health Insurance Rate Changes: Typically, health insurance premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket limits fluctuate every year. Whether they increase or decrease, you will need to make your Groups and their employees aware.

  • Changes to Carriers' Offerings and Plans: It is common practice for Carriers to make changes to their health insurance offerings from year to year. Some may remove specific plans in certain states while adding new plans in other states. Before open enrollment season, make sure you’re educated on the specific Carrier plan offerings in the states you serve.

  • Healthcare Legislation Changes: Healthcare policies and legislation change constantly which can make Small Groups uneasy about how the laws and regulations may impact their specific healthcare plans. Before open enrollment, read up on any new changes in legislation so that you can keep your clients both new and old informed.

Get Organized Before Open Enrollment Starts

As you plan for annual open enrollment, consider all the files, forms, and applications you’ll generate while enrolling new and existing Groups. Now may be a great time to consider going paperless and implementing a digital storage system to keep all of your clients’ documents secure, accessible, and organized for years to come.

Health insurance enrollment software like FormFire simplifies the data collection process and lessens the paper stack and workload for everyone involved. By securely storing Group information even after open enrollment ends, Brokers can eliminate the need to fill out new paper applications each year. This saves Employees time and makes subsequent years simply a matter of updating information only when necessary.

Evaluate Your Health Insurance Enrollment Process

In addition to organizing your files, consider tidying up your technology stack, too. Before Octoberr, take a moment to evaluate the different health insurance enrollment software and quoting tools you’re currently using to see if there is an opportunity to streamline your process.

How are you collecting medical information, gathering ACA quotes, and gathering elections? If your goal this enrollment season is to save time, it may be helpful to merge all your different tools into one, comprehensive quote-to-close platform like FormFire. In doing so, you can enroll your Groups more efficiently and have extra time to focus on growing your business.

Preload Information Ahead of Open Enrollment

Data collection can take up precious time, especially if you’re relying on a Groups’ Employees to provide you with their information. FormFire’s Information Preloader can streamline this process ahead of open enrollment by giving you the means to populate as much or as little Group information as you need, not including medical information.

The Information Preloader provides Brokers with a simple Excel spreadsheet that can be preloaded with basic Group information provided by an Employer, such as street addresses and other basic data.

Automatically Re-Enroll Your Small Groups

Even if a Group is planning to stay with the same medical plan, Brokers may still find themselves spending valuable time on the enrollment process. Despite your best efforts to communicate the importance of renewing health plans, it can be challenging to get Groups to reselect and sign up each year.

FormFire’s Group Plan Assign tool streamlines the plan selection process for passive enrollments by allowing Brokers to bulk-assign plan elections for their Groups. With this tool, in just a few clicks, Brokers can assign plans on behalf of Employees who are not waiving coverage.

Simplify Your 2022 Open Enrollment Season

Open enrollment will be here before you know it. To make sure you and your Groups are prepared, contact us today to learn how FormFire’s health insurance enrollment software can simplify your 2022 enrollment season.